International Corporate & Regulatory

We advise multinational companies on various corporate and regulatory matters around the world.  In particular, we advise clients regarding cross-border entity formation, securities, foreign exchange, data privacy, tax planning and compliance, outsourcing and joint ventures and other means of international expansion.

Cross-Border Entity Formation and Tax Planning We advise multinational companies with respect to the establishment of overseas operations, including entity formation and tax planning.

Securities We guide clients through country specific securities compliance requirements, including registering securities, drafting prospectuses, and completing on-going reporting requirements.  We work with a variety of financial institutions (banks, broker-dealers, investment advisers, fund managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital, private funds, offshore funds, insurance companies, and other providers of investment products and services) in the United States and abroad to ensure that the investment products and services that they offer on a cross-border basis comply with the laws and customs of each jurisdiction in which their existing or prospective customers reside.  We have advised financial institutions on securities and regulatory requirements applicable to their broker-dealer activities, as well as their offering of financial products and services around the world.

Foreign Exchange We advise multinational companies on the legal and logistical concerns of moving currencies across borders.  We also counsel multinational companies on repatriating cash from their foreign subsidiaries back to the United States.  We guide clients through the intricacies of local foreign exchange control restrictions that affect the transfer of funds and securities by the parent company, subsidiaries, and employees.  In addition, we obtain the necessary exemptions and approvals from the regulatory authorities to allow remittance of and receipt of funds.

Data Privacy Data privacy laws have been enacted in various jurisdictions around the world to control the way in which personal information about individuals is collected and used, and to protect the confidentiality of such personal information.  The existence of these laws and the differences from country to country can pose a major challenge for multinationals, particularly companies that manage customer, vendor, employee, and other worker-related functions in a central location, where personal information is transferred cross-border. Data privacy is an important, and often confusing, area of law.  We have advised clients on data privacy in more than 90 countries.  Because personal information is collected, stored, and transferred by multinational companies, local data privacy laws must be addressed.  We work with clients to structure their activities so that they comply with local data privacy laws and, where necessary, obtain the appropriate approvals.

Tax Compliance and Employer Remediation We advise clients on various tax issues such as local subsidiary deductions, employee tax withholding and reporting, and tax-free repatriations.  We also assist clients with investigations and the remediation of prior non-compliance.

Outsourcing Outsourcing has rapidly become an effective management tool to reduce costs, control outcomes, and focus on core business practices.  We have significant experience providing outsourcing counsel and advising on the legal aspects of an outsourcing transaction, including drafting outsourcing agreements, as well as tax, employment, privacy, regulatory, and intellectual property issues.